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World Naked Bike Ride London 2016 To see more pics of this great event go to… The WNBR is a world-wide campaign that has a number of key issues it promotes at events all over the world. Its objectives are: - Protest against the global dependency on oil - Curb car culture - Obtain real rights for cyclists - Demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets - Celebrate body freedom Not for the bashful its great fun to join in, so if you want to find a ride in your part of the world, then follow the link… If this picture is of you thank you for letting us use you image to promote the values of the World Naked Bike Ride, but if you would like it removed please contact me and I will delete it. © Naked Sol, this picture is copyrighted to publicly nude, please feel free to re-blog or like this picture and promote the message of the World Naked Bike Ride

(via WNBR London 2016)

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